Plan for the past. Yes, past! | Work Series

Would you rather have the ability to explore the future or dig deeper into the past? I don’t know about you, but given a choice, I would love to go back in time. I want to learn the mysteries of our origin, the evolution of living beings, the first human being, the dinosaurs, how pyramids got built, secrets of Atlantis, and the list goes on.

Read time: 2.00 min.

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Welcome to the Circus | Work Series

The traditional large circus tents with bold and bright colours bring back childhood memories of lining up to grab the closest seat for a fun-full event. Those traditional circuses are fading away or morphing into a more contemporary format to keep up with the changing trends. If you are missing those traditional circuses, don’t despair, they are still running in several places near you. 

Read time: 2.30 min.

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The New Shift – P2 | New Age Series

BBC World, August 4, 2049 – 09:17 London

BeNew Pharma has released another breakthrough in enhancing human mortality called ReElixer. This breakthrough is a leap forward from the previous procedure for enhancing skin regeneration. The new method not only makes you new from the outside, but it also regenerates internal organs and cells to make you new from the inside. Critics cite that this medical innovation will further polarize the world as they will be available to select elite groups and upon invitation only.  

Read time: 2.30 min.

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