Rules | Work Series

You cut yourself while shaving

Read time: under a min.

Your kid trips over while running
You burn your tongue sipping a hot cup of coffee

Your next steps will be as follows:

Create a five-page policy document outlining the policy and procedure for shaving, running or drinking coffee.

If that sounds absurd, then how come the second something goes wrong, the natural tendency is to create rules. “Someone’s late to work (or late to join online)!? We need a work-time code!”

No, we don’t. We just need to tell that person to be on time.

Don’t overreact. Don’t create a policy because one person did something wrong once. Policies are only meant for situations that come up over and over again.

It would be best if you had a better shaving blade.

Kids fall all the time, and that’s how they learn. Let them trip and grow.

Summer is around the corner, so consider switching to an iced cappuccino.

Thank you for reading!

Until next week.


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