Car boost for your mind | Life Series

It’s a very Canada-cold winter day, and your car wouldn’t start.

Read time: About a min

What do you need to get it going? A battery boost.

It doesn’t matter how you get it. You could use a battery boost tool or your neighbour’s car. All you need is a jolt to get going.

Do you feel stuck sometimes?

I do. At times I feel ‘mind freeze’ and am unable to generate ideas. Thinking straight during those periods is as dense as the London fog.

If you cannot generate the right ideas or come up with options or solutions to your problems, it’s not worth waiting for the right moment to strike. All you need is a boost, and it doesn’t matter where you get it from.

Simply jotting down whatever is on your mind is all you need to get the wheel in motion.
If that is hard too, write down a paragraph from a book or a magazine lying around, or even dialogues from your favourite Netflix show.

It’s hard to stare at a blank page trying to think up good ideas. But if you have something on it, it easier to critique or edit them.

Accept that most of what you will pencil down won’t be related to the subject you are pondering or the problem you are attempting to solve. It could even be bad.

Just like the car boost, all you need at that moment are some thoughts to get you moving. As you keep going, you will pick up momentum and soon, you will be able to connect to the right ideas. This principle makes it easier to get started.

If you are stuck the next time, try this principle. I assure you it you will get your mental battery charged in no time.

Until next week. 


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