What day is it? | Life Series

For those who prefer audio vs reading, I have an audio version of the blog. It’s in beta for now. I hope you like it.

We celebrated Canada Day on July 1st.

Read time: About a min

It’s a momentous day for us Canadians. It marks the creation of a great nation, reminding us of the struggle and sacrifices our forefathers made creating this beautiful country.

There are many such momentous days in our lives. Those days are like flag posts unfurling the manifestation of important legacies left behind. Not an end of the journey, but an inspiration to start new and worthy ones.

All important events are preceded by essential decisions and actions taken long ago.

Today is also an important day. Today could be the beginning of any of such essential milestones for us. The decisions we make today will bear their mark tomorrow.

Start or restart the critical work you decided in your inspired moments. Decide now, start now, act now. Only then can the outcome be marked.

Is today that day for you?

Until next week. 


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