Crossing rivers | Life Series

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It’s a new day and you are pumped up to win the world.
Read time: About a min

You get in your car and ready to roar. As you are backing up, a car zips by from nowhere and hits your tail light. Darn.

Your car and momentum have come to a sudden halt.

You are upset, furious and frustrated. You try to calm yourself and approach the perpetrator.

The offender thinks of you as the perpetrator. You are now in an argument with the other driver.

You could have been on the road to win it all, but instead, you are exchanging insurance details and trying hard to calm your anger.

The exchange is complete, and you are 45 min out.

You drag yourself into the car and get moving. The energy is low, and your car is slow.

You feel your day is ruined.

Our journey is like crossing the river. When crossing the river, we may encounter alligators or other hurdles. We often forget to remind ourselves that we haven’t taken the journey to fight off the alligator but cross the river. Alligators will still be there, and you need to protect yourself from such distractions without losing focus.

What alligators have you been fighting lately?
Until next week.


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