Calm the language | Work Series

Languages define us.

Read time: About a min


I am not referring to any military combat playbook. These illustrious words are actually spoken in the corporate market. Try those words again using “Market” or “Competition” in the context.

Competitions are the enemies, and their subjects (customers) are to be targeted or captured. We hire “headhunters” to recruit champions for “winning” the “battles.” And, when we win, we call it a “killing.”

Let’s try something we use every day.

You guessed it right. Those are the keys on our computer keyboards.

We have been conditioned to use aggressive language in ‘normal” situations without even realizing it. Those words perhaps vibrate through us and take shape.

Just like we become what we think, we also become what we speak.

We can’t change the keyboards now, but we can change the keywords we use in our daily lives.

Let’s calm the language.

Let’s calm the world.

One word at a time.

Until next week. 


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