Winning Culture, the buzz word | Work Series

You can’t create culture.

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You can’t create a culture.

Culture is not a strategy. It’s not a 5-year ambitious plan. It’s not a product that you could copy from other successful companies.

Culture is an outcome of the action and decision each of us make. It’s a result of series of reactions, spoken and unspoken words, thinking and thought processes.

Culture is how we react to mistakes. It is also how we trust our team to do the right thing and offer them the opportunity to do their best.

Culture is reflected when a marching order is implemented without discourse.

It’s not how we treat our super leaders. But, how we treat the janitors and the security personnel.

It’s an atmosphere of trust and commitment.

A culture is a net result of not only doing things but also not doing those things that yield undesirable results.

Stop pushing people to get their work done in less time than reasonable.
Stop making unreasonable deadlines.
Stop making unilateral decisions.
Stop making all decisions at the top.
Stop making people accountable for deliverables with no decision-making powers.

In reality, the way you see the workplace is the company culture — and nothing more.

If you can’t speak up without fear, then you are far away from forming a winning culture.
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