Maple syrup vs Honey | Life Series

I relish maple syrup. My wife prefers honey.

Read time: About a min

I love mountains and lakes. My wife prefers beaches. I enjoy solitude, and she likes hustle-bustle. I love snow in the mountains. My wife prefers sun and heat. I can’t stand overgrown grass. She can stand the mess in the kitchen. She can skip rain all year round. I enjoy the rain.

We don’t argue. We don’t hate each other. We don’t wage war. We don’t try to convert each other. We don’t defend our choice.

Why can’t we use the same perspective regarding religion, political belief, gender, race, colour, nationality, food, etc.?

You are as important as I am. I am no superior to you. I am no special or rather as special as you.

The differences make us unique, and that makes us different.

Imagine if everyone looked, felt, believed and did the same thing as everyone else. My wife and I looking the same – not a pretty picture (I mean if she looks like me)

You don’t have to choose Maple syrup over Honey, but you don’t have to feel disgusted by my choice. I respect yours, and I expect you to respect mine.

Let’s accept our differences and move forward.

Until next week.


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