No 6 – Three Thoughts | Life Series

It’s been a while since I wrote on this topic.
quick read.

Today it’s about Giving!

14. Tip more
Tip generously where possible because most rely on the extra cash to supplement their fixed pay (or lack thereof). You will not only be helping someone struggling to stretch their income further but also be surprised by the extra service on your next visit.

15. Don’t bargain
A bargain is a great practice, but we need to be picky with who we bargain with. I find it strange that we won’t even think about bargaining for designer goods, as if those big names are doing us a favour by allowing us to flash their brand. On the other hand, we feel small businesses are obligated to give us a good bargain because we are doing a favour to them.

16. Pay for the next guest
If you are in a coffee queue and find someone who doesn’t seem happy or troubled (we all have lots going on in our lives), then brighten up their day by paying for a beverage without their knowledge. The cost may be a couple of bucks, but the smile is priceless.

In conclusion, giving brings positivity to you and those around you and could start a virtuous cycle of happiness for all.

Thank you for reading.

Stay tuned for more.



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