Take the rocks away | Life Series

A man started throwing rocks at a group of people busy working.
quick read.

A man started throwing rocks at a group of people busy working.
quick read.

The man had earned a reputation for causing trouble, so people had decided to ignore him and let him be. One day, taking the matter literally into his hand to get some attention, he started throwing rocks from a nearby pile at a group of busy workers building a house. The workers ignored this man and continued with their important work.

Upset that his tantrums did not cause any reaction, he ran to the village heads to complain about the rocks scattered across the ground. Upon finding the rocks, the village heads believed in the man and asked the workers to clear up the mess.

A few days later, the man decided to cause more trouble and hurled more rocks at the workers. This continued for a few more weeks until the workers decided to do something. They were familiar with the man’s nature, so knowing that no amount of persuasion would help, one night, before leaving, the workers hid the rock pile away.

The man had no more rocks to throw, and the problem simply stopped.

At times, we hand over rocks for others to help build something, but they throw them back at us. Don’t retaliate. Just take the rocks away from them, or in business-speak, remove all excuses to put you down. It’s not worth fighting such battles.

Those who only know to throw rocks will stop bothering you. Those wiser will try to use the rocks to build a bridge between you and them.

Thank you for reading.

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