Secret ways to enhance your life – 2 | Life Series

The secrets continue.

quick read.

I decided to create a fulsome list with three items each week. Today’s topic is around the brain-power, and I hope it helps.

4. Don’t rely on your memory

Our brain is super strong. However, it can only focus on one thing at a time – sorry, multi-taskers. And you may want to let your brain memory be used for the important stuff. Smaller items such as taking your meds, filling gas for your car, monthly car maintenance, paying monthly bills, and hundreds of essential and non-essential things we juggle each day can be made stress-free by using reminder apps. I use Microsoft Do To, and it’s free and works like a charm.

5. Notepad and a pen

Our lives are more Digital than we need them to be, but that’s a different blog. As mentioned above, I rely on digital help, but I do keep a notepad and a pen at my bedside. I often remember something in the middle of the night when I don’t have the patience to use my phone, so I rely on the old-fashioned method to jot them down.

6. Plan your wear

Whether you work remotely or back at your workplace, a simple tip to avoid delays or extra thinking is to decide on your wardrobe the night before. It takes away the energy of the micro decision that you rather use for unaccepted events instead. Don’t forget the cuff-links, tie, socks and shoes. I have no expertise with women’s wear.

Stay tuned for more.

Thank you for reading.



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