Secret ways to enhance your life – 1 | Life Series

Here are the secrets to enhance your life.

quick read.

There is no secret. Sorry!

That was to grab your attention and also that nothing is a secret in this hyper-connected world.

I apply some practices in my life that has enriched me in many ways. I am writing it for you and myself (so I don’t forget). Let’s see how many I come up with.

I’ll cover the top 3 this week.

1. Wake up early

Early could be relative, so it needs to be at a time that allows you at least 90 minutes to do something essential for yourself before the typical day takes over. This one act will allow you to deliberate with your day and avoid the autopilot taking over if you don’t allow time for yourself to think and decide on your day.

2. Exercise

Use at least 20 minutes from your 24 hours day to move your body. Wikipedia has a fulsome list.

Outline of exercise

3. Read

I carried a notion during my schooling days that the reading and studying grind would end after completing my education. But I was wrong. The real learning started after the academics ended, and regular reading has helped me more than the textbooks I poured into during my academic years.

Stay tuned for more.

Would you like to share yours?

Thank you for reading.



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