Who’s your guest? | Life Series

We have been practicing a new family tradition for some years.

quick read.

March-break Dinner!

Besides where our next dinner will be, the main topic at the table was a question for each of us.

“Who would you choose if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive?”

The answers ranged from scientists to Hollywood to Bollywood celebrities. A couple of statesmen and politicians also made it to the list (to my surprise).

A follow-up question to rationalize the choice was – why did we choose those options?

The answers ranged from being in person with those we adored or have high respect for to bragging rights that we dined with so and so.

I’ll share mine. It’s not cool and would not impress most.

I would love to have dinner with my dad (he is no longer with us), mom, with my family, my entire extended family (my siblings and their family), and my closest friends.

About the venue – a lovely warm cottage by the lake for a long multi-course dinner followed by a sumptuous dessert and dark coffee.

That’s my ideal family get-together dinner.

How about you?

Thank you for reading.



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