Spring ‘Brake’ | Life Series

Yes. Brake and not break.

quick read.

With the C pandemic now coming to an end (hopefully), it’s not unreasonable for us to unshackle the restraints and get out to reclaim our everyday lives.

Imagine no sanitizers anymore.
No more face-masks.
No limitation for inside dining.
I can’t imagine watching a movie in a packed theatre hall.
Imagine being on a cruise with thousands of guests around you with no restrictions.
Don’t forget the crowded public transportation and the packed airline trips.
I can’t wait to be invited to a lavish South Asian wedding with a crowd to fill a baseball match.

Wow, life is changing.

Everything will be back to normal. Finally!


Not so fast. It’s tempting, and I get it. But we need to take it slowly. Having lived in a different world for nearly two years, we need to take baby steps into the new-old world.

Some of the practices we applied through the pandemic period are just good living. We should embrace the new freedom in its complete form but with caution. We have not gotten rid of the problem entirely, and it’s our best practices that will keep it at bay if we are careful.

No one wants 2020 to repeat in any shape and form. But that is entirely up to us how we use our newfound freedom.

This spring break put a brake on your outrageous plan that cost us countless lives and the freedom we nearly lost forever.

How are you planning on keeping your loved ones and yourself safe?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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