Employee Appreciation | Work Series

Dedicated to all hard workers.
quick read.

Here’s the note I sent to my team.

Hello All,

It sounds cheesy to use the buzz words of praise and appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day, so I’ll speak my mind here, not as a manager but as a friend.

We may not get praises for what we do because we are expected to keep the business running. And when we do earn them, it means we have done very well and have been noticed. No call-outs do not reflect on the work we do overall – some roles are set that way, and ours is such. Please keep in mind that no news means we are keeping things in order.

We have the right mindset for doing a job that reflects us. We bring our total self to work – things may be happening in our personal lives that may be less than perfect, but we give our best regardless because we care.

We care about the value we bring to the business.
We care for our loved ones.
We do our best because we want to be successful and be proud of ourselves.
We do what we do to provide more to those we care. In striving for that, do we hit the mark all the time? No. But, we take stock, ownership and start over.

We have come a long way. We grew from a small team to a larger group, had members come and go and develop further. We have some good old faces and some new faces too. Through all this, what has remained constant is that we have built and maintained a culture of doing better – not best, better.

On this occasion, I’d like to thank you for keeping that culture alive and for everything that you do for the success of our business and our team. It may not be very evident, but your contribution is tied to the business growth and success, so keep doing better so you can be successful and be proud of what you achieve. And for those for whom you work so hard. We all owe it to ourselves.

Thank you once again. I hope it didn’t sound superficial because it took me a couple of days to chip away my thoughts. I have included some members who have moved on to better things but remained an integral part of our success.

Thank you, and I wish you all a successful year, career and lives ahead.

You owe your success to others. Did you thank them?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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