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Not knowing enough to take a position is alright.

quick read.

But if you know the facts and decide to be neutral, then you have unknowingly taken a position in favour of the bully. Taking a neutral stand does not absolve us from holding ourselves accountable against oppression. If the oppressor has not targeted you, then it’s only a matter of time.

WWI was a family feud amongst the first cousins from the Royal family. Countries that were not impacted thought they had no business to get involved till it was too late.

WWI got out of control and resulted in the loss of many innocent lives, and it also led to the rise of fascism and other evil that ultimately led to WWII. The WWII events shaped the world that we live in today, and something that started as a minor event snowballed into an unimaginable danger for the world.

The current world event is no different. Both sides may have the rationale to fight or defend each other, but not stopping this from escalating further will affect us all.

Oppression has no friends. Today it’s them, tomorrow it’s you.

Where do you stand?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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