Secret ways to enhance your life – 3 | Life Series

Time for the three new items this week.

quick read.

Today we are all about shopping and buying and mixing it with some good habits.

7. Buyers’ remorse

Amazon, Uber Eats and others have made impulsive buying frictionless. With just a few or only a couple of clicks, you could instantly get stuff delivered. And, it’s also not so much work to return them. However, as you may have experienced, not everything is returnable, and there is more effort in returning than buying. Do these two things to avoid impulsive purchases and awful buyer’s remorse.

  • Set a pain-point limit: A purchase limit that you won’t lose any sleep over after making an impulsive purchase. For instance, anything under $15. A minimum wage earner requires to spend 60 minutes to earn that much. Your pain point limit might be higher, so do what makes sense for you.
  • 24-hour Rule: After deciding to buy, pause and wait for 24 hours. You will be surprised that after 24 hours, the need for that item may vanish. I often save the items on the wish list on Amazon and move on to come back later.

8. Don’t grocery shop empty stomach

I have found that when my wife and I go grocery shopping just before lunch or dinner, we buy lots of processed food and snacks. Hunger and craving make us do that, and the way to stop that is to do grocery after a good meal, and it’s healthy for your pocket too! Try it.

9. Window-shop for a walk

Walking is known as one of the best workouts. If you miss your walking routine or want to get into the habit, window-shopping will give you the walk. If grocery shopping or walking is a chore, being purposeful with the one you enjoy will make the one you don’t feel lesser of a chore.

Stay tuned for more.

Thank you for reading.



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