Inkblot | Life Series

Starring at my homework smeared with inkblot was horrifying.

quick read.

Back in those days, using ink pens was mandatory in schools. One of my teachers expected us to treat our writings as a piece of art, so we had to be extra careful. If we made mistakes or got inkblots on our masterpieces, we would use whiteners to cover them. But, whiteners were signs of imperfection and lack of focus and discipline.

This practice made me super careful with my pen like a surgeon with a scalpel, and my notebooks were like straight from the printing press. I would be lying if I gave you the impression that I never made mistakes. I did, and lots of them. However, I would rip out the pages with the slightest error or the tiniest inkblot to keep the masterpiece intact.

After all, that was school. But life is different. Life cannot be without mistakes. We made countless mistakes trying to learn to walk as a toddler, and we wouldn’t be walking or running if we were not to make any mistakes. Remember the first time you learned cycling or driving? We all have our fair share of our mistakes and continue to make, and we can’t rip off those pages from our lives and start over. There are some chapters in my life that I would rewrite, but again, that’s life.

Using whiteners is not a sign of imperfection but a sign of courage to recognize and acknowledge our mistakes and correct them.

Our lives are also like the notebook on which we are writing a chapter each day. Some days the stories are great and not so great on others. Some days are perfect and some not so much. Correcting our mistakes, no matter how big they might be, is the first step forward. Some inkblots take longer to fix, but they do as long as you are willing to move on to the next chapter.

How is your next chapter coming along?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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