I am not qualified | Life Series

I am not qualified.

quick read.

I am not qualified to be an Astronaut, a Scientist or even a Pharmacist. One goes through rigorous education, training, testing, and, if one can cope, gets handed the qualification certificate.

Like most parents, I am interested in my children’s career choices. There is a tendency to influence them toward tried and tested qualifications to find a ‘real’ career through institutions. Like me, they would go through the grind and come out with a decorated certificate of qualifications.

These Institutions and the process are necessary. You don’t want to be treated by a self-certified doctor or fly behind an untrained pilot.

When one sets out to be a doctor, one goes to medical school, and you get a degree at the end, declaring you officially a doctor.

But, you are a singer the moment you sing.

You are a musician as soon as you pick up an instrument and start playing.

You’re a writer the minute you start writing. You don’t need any degree or certificate. You just need to write and prove yourself, at least to yourself.

We have an innate talent that doesn’t need external validation to pursue those paths.
Don’t stop yourself from being someone you want to be because of a lack of validation.

Our ancestors made tools to feed themselves and build houses for shelter, and they were neither qualified engineers nor architects.

Desire, need, willingness, and passion are the core qualifications you need to get on the path you want and not wait for others’ permission.

What are you good about that you don’t do?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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