Metaverse or worse? | Life Series

The new innovation frontier is to live in an immersive artificial world – the Metaverse.

Less than a min.

It sounds very cool, and there may be some great potential for its application across various spectrums of our lives. But, it’s too early to predict that all will be well.

It’s hard not to miss how the world changes swiftly yet subtly. No one wants to be left behind, so we move with the crowd and accept what everyone accepts.

Not very long ago, people used to entertain themselves through singing, dancing or playing (remember hide and seek?). As technology developed, active participation became passive, and the singers and dancers in us became the audience in front of the TV screen.

Social media’s influence on our lives is hard to shake off as it is, and with the latest immersive technology on the horizon, the impact is even harder to imagine. The cultural, political, social and economic impact is yet to be seen. We have already seen the detrimental effect of fake news and unchecked AI biases, and it will probably only grow stronger with a completely immersive experience. The borders between true and the ‘second’ life have become blurred, and one can hide behind an avatar and live their fantasy as they wish.

Even after many years, my family has beautiful memories from our Disney vacation. It was an ideal getaway for our family. However, I won’t live there forever. It’s easy to return to your everyday life after the vacation, but it will not be easy to turn away from the new virtual universe that we will be living in daily.

My ideal family time is with my family in person and having fun and laughter in real and not through artificial lenses. The pandemic has isolated us to some degree already, and the effect of the latest fad to go virtual with almost everything we touch and feel could be worse.

I am not a naysayer. When the time comes, I will be experimenting with it too, but will I be able to step away when I need to, or the other life will hold its firm grip? Only time will tell. I am excited about the future as long as it’s real.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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