Are your updates missing? | Life Series

One of my personal laptops refused to take the latest Win-10 patch.

Less than a min.

Yes, and I use Windows and not Mac. That’s beside the point.

One of the previous Windows updates may not have gone well, which prevented all subsequent patches from getting updated. The list of new patches kept piling up and gradually put a brake on the laptop’s performance. Once a powerful laptop got so super slow that it felt like the 90s. At this point, I had abandoned it and did all of my personal work on another computer.

Then, during the holidays, when things were slow, like my laptop, I decided to fix the problem.

I took a snapshot of all the apps on the laptop and hit the reset key (data kept intact). Like emptying the trash can at home, every non-Windows app was removed, including all the unnecessary system conflicts that had hijacked my laptop.

Just like my powerful laptop, our brain does not always perform optimally when its hard drive gets cluttered with files and browsing data. These intruders are like unnecessary applications running in the background of your computer, slowing down all its other functionality. At first, they might not seem much. But as they keep accumulating, your computer runs slower.

Similarly, when our brain is filled with clutter—like toxic thoughts and negative emotions — we have less mental energy to perform. New thoughts and ideas don’t get in and we create our own internal echo chamber, regurgitating the same old thinking pattern.


To reclaim that space in your brain, you need to do what I did to my laptop. Perform a non-fatal reset. Remove all the unproductive and non-relevant thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and give yourself a fresh start.

Unlike machines, where you may have one for personal use and another for work, we take our personal baggage to work and return with work baggage home. This comingling is unhealthy on either front, and we can get clarity and presence of mind if we can think clearly and enjoy both the worlds.

One last thought – Are any updates missing in your mind machine?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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