Who’s your role-model | Life Series

My SUV is getting old.

quick read.

It looks and drives much older than I am. I take that as my own compliment.
I have been thinking about changing my drive, and as I have been exploring options, this blog idea just came from nowhere.

We know it, but it’s very subtle that everything we own makes us feel different or emulate someone we look up to. This is not counting the affordability factor. The brand we wear or the car we drive, or even the phone we own, somewhere, somehow relates to those two. The feelings could be sentimental or pride, and the role model could be some close to you, an athlete or coach, or even an actor you like.

Here’s the thing about our role models. You have to know about them to look up to them, and you may not know them enough or haven’t been exposed to enough other people to qualify them as a role-model. You may likely change your mind once the inspiration dries up. It’s worth exposing others to know what else would inspire you before you find your match.

Not that age has much to do with it, but the younger generation needs to pay special attention to their exposed information. Much of what we intake is raw and unsuitable to our wiring and shapes our personality before we know it. Just like the addons, I want for my future car will go beyond my budget before I know it.

How well do you know your role-model?

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.


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