The cause is not the cause | Life Series

Years ago, our daughter developed nasty rashes around her forehead and her eyes.

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Like any concerned parents, we took her to the doctor, who, after a few brief questions, confirmed what we suspected ourselves: she had eczema. The symptoms were very obvious, so no in-depth diagnosis was felt necessary.

We tried several over the counter and prescription creams, but the symptoms stayed. We took her back to the doctor and insisted on a further diagnosis. As per the doctors’ suggestion, we ran a few experiments with her diet and found the main cause: Lactose intolerance.

The cause was not the cause.

Often, we assume the cause of a problem and jump to a conclusion. We blame weight issues with an eating disorder where the reason could be biological or boredom. Or we misdiagnose a technical problem based on its symptoms.

A band-aid provides some relief but often does not help in the longer term.

While taking action has its place, it’s important not to jump to a resolution based on the apparent symptoms, but we need to take other aspects into the equation to uncover the real cause.

What is broken around you and what solutions are you chasing for a perceived cause?

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  1. Great food for thought! We shouldn’t jump to conclusions instead do an analysis & drill down deeper to reach the main cause.


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