Shop is closed, not the business | Work Series

Going through an article online, I saw an obscure background image of graffiti on a shop’s closed door –

Read time: less than a min.

Shop is closed, not the business.

I immediately made connections with our wandering thoughts, reminding me of the one thing that lingers long after the event has passed. Maybe it’s a conversation or a song or a nagging thought that won’t go away.

I thought it’s hard to be present when the baggage from the previous thoughts weighs heavily on us. Each thought or conversation segments most likely aren’t the same all day. Some are more pleasant than others. And how shutting down is essential but challenging. I got into the solution mode of saving ourselves from these thoughts that keeps slipping through our attention sieve.

But, suddenly, it struck me that the opposite could be worse.

Imagine the shop is open, but the business is closed.

Imagine a still mind with no thoughts.

Imagine no conversation.

At times, the noise is crucial as it helps us find better ways. The current pandemic situation helped us rediscover and reinvent different and sometimes better ways to connect and move on with our lives. It may be far from being perfect, but that’s what we have.

Our relationships are remote but connected nevertheless.

Help is distant but is available.

Our shop may be closed temporarily, but we are certainly open for business.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. Leave a comment if you liked it. 

With gratitude, until next week. 



One Reply to “Shop is closed, not the business | Work Series”

  1. I just can’t imagine a mind with no thoughts. My mind isn’t such even when I’m asleep. Frankly speaking, a mind without thoughts is already dead meat.


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