Sometimes… | Life

Beautiful lines by Robert Drake…
quick read.


I feel I want to go back in time…

Not to change things but to feel a couple of things twice..


I wish I were a Baby for a while…

Not to be walked in the pram but to see my Mother’s smile


I wish I could go back to school…

Not to become a child but to spend more time with those friends I never met after school..


I wish I could be back in college…

Not to be a rebel but to really understand what I studied


I wish I were Fresher at my work…

Not to do less work but to recall the joy of the first pay cheque.


I wish my kids were younger….

Not because they grew fast but to play with them a bit more.


I feel I still had some more time to live…

Not to have a longer life but to know what I could give to others.

Since the times,

that are gone can never come back, let’s enjoy the moments as we live them from now on to the fullest.

Let’s celebrate our remaining life – every moment, every day.

Thank you for reading. I’ll be back with more next week.

Stay tuned.



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