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We know that waiting for the right time to start something is a better version of procrastination.
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I came across a blurb authored by Mel Robbins. She calls it a 5-Seconds Rule. You can search online to learn in detail, but here is a quick summary.

The general idea is that if you desire to act on a goal and don’t act within five seconds, your brain kills it. This might sound like a lot of pressure, but you can use this information to your advantage.

According to Mel, whenever you desire to act, the rule is to count backward from five. Then, once you hit “one,” you must take action, which will increase your chances of success.

Inactions could be due to doubt, anxiety, or fear of failing, but if you take the first step, the next steps will follow, and you’ll pick momentum.

We often pause and hit the snooze button, assuring ourselves that we’ll get to it when we are ready. Instead of waiting for the right time, try to realize that there is usually no right time—or, more simply, now is the right time.

Thank you for reading. I’ll be back with more next week.

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