Get Cs next year | Life

Grade Cs hurt.
quick read.

Getting As is excellent, but removing Cs is so much better.

I am not preaching or anything here but trying to gently remind everyone and me about the value of cleansing the following Cs from our lives.
Whether you are the New Year Resolution type or not, it will serve you well.

C #1 | Do not Criticize
Let’s agree we all criticize one way or the other. Whether at work or in our personal lives, criticizing pretends to absolve us of our shortcomings and momentarily places us in a better state. But, we fail to realize or choose to ignore that it not only affects others but also harms our overall well-being. We are critical of others if they don’t conform to our beliefs or expectations.

Look around, and you will realize that the world’s major issues are everyone trying to be critical of others’ colour, race, gender, religion, political choice, and so on.
If we choose not to give in to this temptation and refrain from criticizing, we’ll help construct a better world for ourselves.

Not to be confused with providing feedback for collective improvement. That’s not criticizing.

C #2 | Do not Complain
We love to complain. Complaining is a hobby for many. Whether it’s the weather or the food, the lineup for coffee, or the traffic, we tend to find a reason to vent by complaining. Little do we realize that it does us no good and does not change anything but gives us an illusion of control.

Not to be confused with taking a stand against injustice. That’s not complaining.

C #3 | Do not Compare
Lack of happiness is not the lack of needs or desires but the need to compare with others. We all know how keeping up with the jones end up, yet, we try to measure our success and accomplishments using the yardstick from others. That race never ends, but what ends up happening is a beautiful life wasted in achieving someone else’s dreams.

Not to be confused with being ambitious. That’s not comparing.

Happy Holidays!!!

Stay tuned for more.



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