Twin brothers | Life

Truth and Lie were twin brothers.
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One day, they both decided to go for a swim.

Both took off their clothes and took a dip.
As soon as Truth submerged into the water,
Lie jumped out of the water and ran with the clothes.

Lie then wore Truth’s clothes and pretended to be Truth,
and Truth remained naked and trapped.

Truth will remain submerged until we strip off Lie’s clothes and return to Truth.

Truth and Lie are identical twins, and it’s hard to tell one from the other. Any Lie narrated with conviction and emotion can be said as Truth.

Truth always remains naked. We, therefore, shy away from staring at Truth and prefer to accept well-adorned Lie.

How to tell the difference?

It’s not easy in today’s hyper-connected and media-obsessed state. But, if you learn something that confirms your doubts, and you want that to be the Truth, then it’s likely that Lie may be wearing Truth’s clothes, and the Truth is hidden naked and submerged.

Stay tuned for more.



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