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I was surprised to receive a simple message from a friend today…
quick read.

The message did not have any forwarded videos or images, which surprised me.

Usually, you’ll find forwards that have been forwarded around the globe already, so you are not the first to receive them. Take a moment and recall the last time someone genuinely sent you a message asking about your well-being – “Hey, hope all is well. Just wanted to say hi.”

Forwards sometimes brings a smile to your face, but mostly, I find them as polarized political views or sad news about injustice worldwide. I am not opposed to any of this (and I know that my opinion doesn’t matter). Still, I encourage everyone to exercise caution when forwarding messages without verifying their authenticity and the purpose of forwarding.

I follow a very simple forwarding rule when I feel the need to share something on Whatsapp-
1. Is it true?
2. Is it relevant to the group I am sharing with?
3. What will the recipients think about me?

I may be asking too much, perhaps, because who has time to pause and react in a hyper-fast world? But a simple pause will probably stop hatred, false information, reputation loss, and, most importantly, time.

We may not realize the countless hours spent forwarding and later deleting them from our phones.

Be wise. Pause, forward and send. I find pausing a great practice even outside social interactions, that is if you have time outside the virtual world.

Stay tuned for more.



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