Thinking your thoughts | Life Series

I stepped out of the kitchen and forgot what I was about to tell my wife.

Less than a min.

To recall my mind conversation, I used the hack I have used all the time. I retraced my steps to what I was doing and thinking to connect the dots and reach the point where I lost track of my thoughts.

I use the same hack to control thinking (control) my thoughts. If you want to stop your mind from being on self-driving mode, i.e. wandering in all directions without your conscious control, then try this.

Think of one or two most important things in your life – partner, occupation or house.

Using ‘Partner’ for instance, go back to the starting point of how you ended up with your partner. What led to the circumstances that got you together? Go back. Try harder to recall the moment and bring yourself to the point that led you and your partner to get together.

You will notice that by being deliberate, you are in control. Your mood has changed, and you are feeling better.

You can try that on almost anything, and you will find yourself in control of your thoughts. One of the side benefits is that it relieves you of any stressful or negative thoughts you may be getting bogged down with.

Give it a shot.

Thank you for reading.

Bye for now.

PS: The thought that I lost track of was to show a deal to my wife on a coffee machine.


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