Getting out of bed | Life Series

For those who prefer listening vs reading, I have an audio version of the blog. It’s in beta for now. I hope you like it.

For those who are familiar with my schedule know that I wake up very early in the morning.

Read time: About a min

Some may applaud my discipline, and I bow to that.

But, I won’t pretend that I am always gung ho during the wee hours. I do struggle more often than you can imagine. There’s always a tug-of-war, and it’s not always easy for “discipline” to win against “go back to slumber.”

So, how do I cope up with this tug-of-war?

I tell myself, let me get up first and then decide next.

I then tell myself, let me go to the washroom to get ready.

And then I tell myself, “if you go back to sleep, you will be doing what most people do, which is give in to temptation and comfort.”

So far, this strategy seems to be working for me. You would think it would stop working at some point, but I almost always end up doing the whole workout.

Just get up. Take the first step and see what happens.

Until next week.


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