Can it wait? | Work Series

What’s urgent for others may not be urgent for you.

Read time: under a min.

How fast someone can reach you has nothing to do with how quickly you need to get back to them.

This rule goes out of the window when your super boss sends an email that gives the impression of ‘drop everything and do this’ and starts the churn.

Suppose you are working on a priority for the business and occasionally or routinely get distracted by such interruptions. In that case, it’s important to note that dropping what’s essential to focus on non-important urgent items may not be the right choice. Your boss may become upset if you don’t respond promptly. However, if you focus on what’s urgent but not important most of the time, you will certainly upset your boss.

It’s easier said than done. I get it.

On the flip side, if someone doesn’t get back to you quickly, it’s not because they’re ignoring you—it’s probably because they’re working on something important.

So, what can wait?
The simple answer (remember I said simple, not easy) is that almost everything can wait. And almost everything should.

What is important must stay important.

Thank you for reading!

Until next week.


One Reply to “Can it wait? | Work Series”

  1. In my case it is completely different. My emails sit in the unread folder of my staff until I call them to personally to read & respond. Forget focusing on what’s urgent & not important, I’d be content if they at least read my emails. It is highly frustrating most of the times as I end up doing stuff that the staff are expected to do & paid for 😦


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