100% | Life Series

The new headset that I bought from Amazon for my son was delivered before schedule, performed as advertised and was reasonably priced as well.

Read time: under a min.

The satisfaction was 100%. Anything less is not acceptable.

I wonder whether we hold ourselves to the same standard on what we do or offer something ourselves. Therefore, whatever you do, give it your 100%.

Give 100% when you work – avoid distraction
Give 100% when you play – don’t think about work
Give 100% when you listen – stop your mental chatter
Give 100% when you speak – connect with the other person
Give 100% when you eat – leave your mobile devices alone, and TV
Give 100% when you laugh – don’t worry about how you look
Give 100% when you love – pour yourself out
Give 100% when you read – understand
Give 100% when you relax – calm yourself
Give 100% when you workout – even if you are sore
Give 100% when you cry – empty your tank

But when you are angry, don’t follow this rule. Give 100% to a pleasant thought.

My 100% gratitude for reading my post with your 100% attention.

Until next week.


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