I am not trained | Work Series

People must be trained to do their work.

Read time: about 1 min.

Whose responsibility is it – the employer or the employee?

Would you hire a plumber to design a house?
Would you be willing to be treated by a surgeon who is currently being trained by the hospital?
Would you be willing to fly on a plane who’s pilot was an air hostess and recently got promoted to a pilot?

The years of rigorous training comes first before practicing.

I am often surprised when I hear people saying that they have not been trained for their role. There could be two sides to this.
If you are assigned a new role that you are not trained on, then it’s the employer’s responsibility.


what if you desired that new role?
Who’s responsibility is it then?
What preparation have you done to take on that role?
Who is responsible for that?
Do we have different standards for others and ourselves?

In a world where resources are not just abundant but are available instantly and even free, I find it surprising when people expect to be trained for something that they desire.

The better question is not that I need to be trained, but I am prepared for the role and would need some polishing where I need help. The age for spoon-feeding is long gone, and we cannot be stuck in that world.

Work dynamics are continually changing. Employers must create a conducive environment for self-learning and growth, and employees must take charge of retooling themselves to take on the challenges of the changing world.

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Stay safe, stay hopeful.

With gratitude, until next week.


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