The new equalizer | Life Series

The world is one but divided.

Read time: about 1 min 1 sec.

The countries are divided by their borders.
The countries are divided by their GDP – developed, developing and under-developed.
People are divided by their beliefs, religion, culture, language, colour and political affinity.
People are divided into classes socially – ultra-high, high, upper, middle, lower and below

A new equalizer has changed everything.

Out of nowhere, a virus has erased all these divides.
The virus is impartial, fair and just. It does not differentiate between border, origins, language, colour and religion.
It has been treating the rich and the poor equally. Anyone affected is likely to meet the same fate regardless of who and where they are.
The virus has placed humans under restriction, but animals are free.
We have the freedom, yet we are bound.
Both the rich and poor are thinking of survival. The virus can affect anyone regardless of our social status.
The virus does not differentiate between people with high or low IQ.
People with huge titles are being treated the same way as someone who is nobody.
All our social positions, wealth, connections, influence, can no longer get us the freedom we had.

Suddenly, everyone’s equal.

It’s unfortunate that we needed a virus to bring us to this realization.

Stay safe, stay hopeful.

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