Take back this Thanksgiving | Life Series

Millions of people will be enjoying the company of good friends and family this Thanksgiving. On this beautiful occasion of Giving – being grateful, I would actually like to take back.

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It’s a very satisfying feeling creating something from nothing, like, writing a blog, which may involve a few iterations before giving the subject the final touch. And if I am not happy with the result, I can easily change the outcome. Undo it.

I wish our lives also had the undo keys.
I wish one could change some aspects of our past for the better. Things that were in your control then, but panned out differently with regret.

Imagine some memories of your lives as a draft that could be improved and given a better touch. What would those be?

* The hurtful words that we have uttered knowingly or unknowingly.
* The promises that we failed to keep
* The responsibilities that we avoided conveniently
* For not admitting the mistakes we made
* The times that we may have squandered on futile endeavours
* The helping hand that we didn’t give others
* The actions that made others uncomfortable
* The people we let down who were dependent on us
* The people whom we forgot to thank for lending us their helping hands
* For not giving hope when that’s all they could hold on to
* For not going the extra mile that we should have

I want to undo many more of such that have now faded from my memories. I wish I could take them all back. I wish I could make them better.

Well, at least it’s out there, and if you happen to be someone on the receiving end of these regrets, then on this occasion of Thanksgiving, I am taking them all back.

I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!


There’s wisdom everywhere if we know where to look. Do share if you come across any nuggets of wisdom that could be in our Common Interest.

So long, until next week.


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