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From the past to the present, productivity remains the key to success.
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From the past to the present, productivity remains the key to success.

The industrial age significantly boosted productivity and progress, laying the foundation for today’s innovations. We restructured our work process for maximum efficiency, resulting in a significant increase in production output. The emphasis on speed, outcomes, and productivity persists, influencing our current way of operating.

Human beings began to operate like machines – quickly, accurately, and efficiently. We’ve been churning out widgets like machines, and it seems we’ve turned into one ourselves.

Humans become machines.

Lately, there has been a shift in trend towards machines being taught to self-learn and perform tasks that were once exclusive to humans. A notable struggle among industry giants is underway to prevail in the AI realm, which seems to be expanding at the same time. We’ve already seen glimpses of the amazing things that the new AI has shocked us with. With machines learning at breakneck speed, it won’t take long before they can do most human functions and maybe even take on human-like appearances.

Machines become humans.

Throughout history, humans have strived for machine-like efficiency, but perhaps it’s now time to embrace our humanity once again. We can’t compete with machines and certainly won’t be able to compete with advanced AI or AGI.

Time to be human again.

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