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Here’s another point of view from I felt very strange taking a flight recently.
quick read.

No. It wasn’t about the face mask. It was about my baggage – again, not about losing them either.

I was on a business trip in and out of Montreal from Toronto the same day. Given the plan for the journey, I didn’t need to pack much – In fact, nothing.

It felt strange to board a plane with no luggage – no handbag, nothing.
The online check-in was smooth, and the security checking went fine too.
I didn’t have to place anything on the overhead storage compartment.
I didn’t have to wait at the circling carrousel, hoping my luggage would drop first.
I was also very formally dressed, so one could have mistaken me for a cabin crew (I was wearing a dark grey suit, though).

It felt bizarre. It felt so free.

I am not going to suggest travelling light or anything around that.
I wondered on the flight how our lives would be if we navigated through it without any baggage.

No worries or stress to check in.
No need to worry about what you are carrying or rearrange your content to ensure you are not refused at the security check i.e. No need to worry about what emotions you are carrying or rearrange your expression to ensure you fit in.
No need to wait at the carrousel to pick more stress.

Life would be so simple. Life would be so good.

I guess life is such a long journey, one can’t help but carry some baggage, but we don’t need to pack it up to the allowable limit – not to the stress level. We can leave a few behind, like regret and unpleasant memory, and only pack hope, joy and a positive attitude.

Have a nice trip.

Stay tuned for more.



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