Just one thing | Life

I was away for over a week…

quick read.

….and had several thoughts about unfinished tasks weighing me down and keeping me awake for most of the flight (I usually sleep throughout and prefer to miss food even).

I had to get pull myself together.

I always carry a notebook and a pen to organize and curate my thoughts (I know this is a digital age). I made good use of those, clearing my mind while others were enjoying the inflight entertainment or pacifying their crying toddlers.

My approach to calm my mind was to list major buckets that matter the most and list just 1 critical item that I needed to work on.

The categories were –
Health & Fitness

I also defined the immediate next steps for each action item and the expected outcome.

I felt immediate relief once I priorities my set of next steps and gained a sense of control over my stuff.

I know that none of that is new and groundbreaking, but we often forget to pause and reset to move forward. A purposeful slow pace and deliberate actions often result in speed and focused outcomes.

Try this if you are in a similar situation where nothing seems to be in harmony and out of control. Hope that helps.

Stay tuned for more.



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