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Imagine you are in this situation.
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I am starting this new series on matters we deal with daily at workplaces, and I intend to find creative ways to handle them based on our collective wisdom.

Imagine you must opine on a topic with divided views, and choosing a side will offend another.

Let’s consider some possible options – what do you do?

Do you speak your mind and offer an objective view?
View aligned with your tribe – this is an easy one. If your objective view aligns with the broader view of your group, it’s a one and done.

View misaligned with your tribe – this could be sticky. You may face repercussions if your workplace culture does not support speaking your mind.

Do you side with the group where you belong, ignoring the objectiveness of the topic?
You may take this path, compromise your integrity, and promote a crowd mentality, which is harmful to you and the organization in the long run.

Do you play safe and try taking the Switzerland approach?
You are not adding any value by being neutral, which could lead to an imbalance in the expected outcome due to your balancing act.

My thoughts on how you can maintain your integrity and not offend anyone at the same time?
If your workplace culture is conducive, speak your mind and offer an objective view that would result in better outcomes.

If your workplace culture does not, choose your response carefully – offer pros and cons on both options and ask both groups to weigh in. It’s hard to debate against an objective argument; that way, you are not siding with any group and offering an accurate view without compromising your integrity.

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