Striking gold! | Life Series

For those who prefer listening vs reading, I have an audio version of the blog. It’s in beta for now. I hope you like it.

Two Mice fell in the bucket of cream.

Read time: About a minutes.

Mouse one tried to stay afloat, but the effort was not enough and died.
Mouse two tried extremely hard to stay afloat for his life, turning the cream into butter.

By doing more, one could turn the circumstances in one’s favour.

Teachers teach better by teaching more.
Authors write better by writing more.
Speakers speak better by speaking more.
Programmers code better by coding more.

Athletes win gold by practicing more.

Congratulations to all the Olympic 2021 winners. Well deserved. They won not by chance but by doing more in their respective disciplines.

The way to achieve is by doing and doing more.

We are capable of churning cream into butter. Just do more.

That’s for now. See you next week.


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