What would you prefer? | Life Series

What version would you like for yourself?

Read time: few seconds 

Someone who…

-stays inside all-day
-browses or binge-watches all-day
-spends more than you earn
-blames others why things won’t work
-never participates
-never says hello first
-be unreliable
-does just enough to get by


Someone who…

-gets outside each day
-manages time well between productive endeavours and relaxing
-spends less than you earn
-takes responsibilities
-contributes and find solutions
-be the first to say hello
-be reliable
-does more than what’s asked

The answer is obvious, but the execution is not. We all know what is required, yet we make it difficult to make the right choice.

Every day is a new opportunity to take one step closer to the better version of ourselves. All we need is to take the first step.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. Leave a comment if you liked it. 

With gratitude, until next week. 


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