What’s hard to replace? | Life Series

When I was growing up, the possibilities for the future seemed unlimited, like a clean slate ready to be written on.

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If you don’t find your usual brand of milk, you will choose whatever is available. But you may not do the same if you were to buy your favourite cologne (unless your partner wants you to change it).

A product or service which can be easily replicated and offered more conveniently and at a lower price becomes a commodity. Our preferences are tied to what the product or service means to us. If it enhances your feeling and your self-image, then finding a replacement is not easy. A commodity, therefore, has no real edge.

Professionally also, no matter how critically important you may be to your organization, no one is irreplaceable.

What is hard to replace then?

Government and leaders come and go. Leaders and employees in organizations get replaced. Our preferences also change over time. At a more personal level, even relationships change over time. New ties replace old ones. Old thinking gets replaced with new, old habits make way for new ones.

The more you think and look around, everything is replaceable except –

Your actions and words. Once committed, it can’t be erased. It can’t be undone. New actions or words can correct past errors, but the previous actions and words still remain.

Changing the past into legacy requires careful and deliberate words and actions. It not only serves you but everyone around.

Watch what you say and do.

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With gratitude, until next week.


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