What could it mean? | Life Series

You can draw your own interpretation

Read time: less than a min.

Sickness means you are alive
Meetings mean you have work
Travelling because you are on a journey
A messy house means you have shelter
Flat tire means you have a vehicle
Too many emails mean you are still relevant
Not getting too much sleep means you have lots to complete
Too much sleep means your body is resting
Long wait at the emergency means someone else needs immediate attention
Long wait at the grocery store means you have the means to buy provision
You are sore after a workout means your muscles are responding
You are confined at home means you are protected
People can protest peacefully means the country is civil
You are exhausted means you were busy

Nothing is perfect, and nothing will ever be. But we can be perfect in picking the meaning to make something out of nothing.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. Leave a comment if you liked it.

Stay safe, stay hopeful.

With gratitude, until next week.


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