You don’t have to pop the balloons | Life Series

As part of a motivation conference, handing out an inflated balloon to each participant, the coach assigned an ice-breaking task.

Read time: about a min.

He offered them 5 minutes and announced that the ones with the balloons left inflated would be the winner.

The 15-20 participants leaped at each other to burst each other’s balloon. One by one, each one found their balloons getting busted until there were none left. The candidates were in high spirits, high-fiving each other for having finished the task in less time. The coach was amused. He faced the candidates and informed them that there were no winners. He astonished them further, saying they all could have been winners if they had let each keep their balloons intact.

The coach continued with a story about an anthropologist’s experience in Africa. The anthropologist proposed a game to the African tribal children. He placed a basket of sweets near a tree and made the children stand 100 meters away. He then announced that whoever reaches the tree first would get all the sweets in the basket.

When he said, ready, stead and go!… do you know what the children did? They all held each other’s hands, ran together towards the tree and divided the sweets equally amongst themselves.

Upon asking why they did that, the children said, ‘How can one be happy when the others are sad?’

A sincere message for all of us.

In today’s times, no one house, neighbourhood, city, province, or country can remain safe until all of us are safe.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. Leave a comment if you liked it.

Stay safe, stay hopeful.

Until next week.



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