Are you working hard? | Life Series

Sea creatures are oblivious to the existence of water, just like how gravity is to land inhabitants.

Read time: less than 60 sec.

We, humans, despite being wired for rational thinking, can often lose ourselves into the reality around us. From time to time, we need to step outside of our never-ending grind to make sure we are aligned to our purpose, goals and priorities.

The conversation below is a light illustration of how we can get caught in our version of reality.

I asked one hard-driving Wall-Street deal maker, “Mike, why do you work all of the time?”
He replied, “Why do you think? Do you think I love this place? I am working so hard because I want to make a lot of money!”
I continued my inquiry, “Do you really need this much money?” “You have enough already,” I said.
“I do now,” Mike said, sounding unhappy. “I just got divorced for the third time. With three alimony checks each month, I am almost broke.”
“Why do you keep getting divorced?” I asked.
The answer came out as a sad sigh. “All three wives kept complaining that I worked all of the time. They have no idea how hard it is to make this much money!”

The current confined situation could mean getting caught taking inconsequential actions clearing the blurred vision of our reality, or could also suggest the freedom to think and realign ourselves to our true purpose.

Make the most of what we are currently in.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week. Leave a comment if you liked it.

Stay safe, stay hopeful.

With gratitude, until next week.



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