WFH | Work Series

Work From Home. The latest buzzword amid the current pandemic situation.

Read time: about 1 min 3 sec.

Millions of people will take to working from the comfort of their homes for weeks or months to come.

Good for you if you are in a position to perform your duties remotely. There are still hundreds of millions of people, if not more who cannot, and have to either abstain without pay or brave the calamity to keep their household lights on.

Modern technologies have enabled remote functioning capability, but while we, the lucky ones, do our job from our living rooms, countless people are working on the ground for enabling you with this capability. From the hardware you use to work to the network roadway keeping the information flowing, somewhere between you and your virtual workplace, there are people not working remotely whose job is to make sure that you do.

That brings us to the one word that we may easily forget.


Be grateful for having the type of role that allows you the benefit of remote working, and for the supporting personnel and infrastructure for enabling it.

No doubt your work might be critical, but if you feel you are somewhat special and deserve this privilege, then try peeking out of the glaring virtual world, and you will find yourself standing on the shoulders of many giants.


To name a few – the gas station attendant, garbage collectors, office cleaners, snow cleaners, underground cable workers, construction workers, truck drivers and the counter attendants at your favourite coffee shop where you will drop by to keep you from falling asleep while working comfortably at home.

I find them very special.

Give them and others an extra ‘Thank You’ for making you feel special.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week.

Stay safe. Stay positive.

Until next week.



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