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December 26, 2004, event caused the Earth’s axis to tilt by an estimated 2.5 cm. This was a result of an Armageddon scale Tsunami that swallowed parts of Earth’s sub-continents.

Read time: about 3 min.

Lives were lost, and those who survived were left with irreparable scars. Early warning systems did alert of the forthcoming tragedy, but maybe it was too late or too little.

There is a potential Tsunami in the making elsewhere. This wave does not have any epicentre. Its reach is much broader and deeper. We see glimpses of its deceptive change brewing and waiting to show up to our surprise.

The world is changing. We are changing. Our expectations are changing. Our preferences are changing. Our ways of life are changing. And the changes are happening fast. To believe that these changes did not come at a cost will be naive. Yet, most often, we are unmindful of the changes that are happening around us that could be attributed to being caused by us or happening to us.

The last couple of centuries witnessed profound changes through the Industrial revolutions transforming generations of development. From Coal to Steam to Electricity. Then came the Digital revolution that transformed Typewriters to Computers to Super-Computers and then to Smart Computers. The more recent advancements are causing machines to learn quickly and do more and faster than humans.

This may give an impression of a dark cloud engulfing the human race to extinct. That is probably not true. The better news is that unlike the Oceanic Tsunami, the exponential effects of the changes to come is not to destroy us but to advance the human race.

People amid revolutions centuries ago probably felt the way like we do. A bit of anxiety, a bit of skepticism, a bit of fear and not a lot of hope. We, in the current age, however, reflect on those past changes as a progression for humanity. It did impact the people of that age in detrimental ways, but it did pave the path for innovations and development.

A similar change is expected to sweep us somewhat unexpectedly only if we missing the signs (or warnings). The likely changes about to ‘disrupt’ or ‘democratize’ us are tied to the following innovations:

The Exponential Landscape
+ Infinite Computing
+ Artificial Intelligence (AI)
+ Robotics
+ Networks and Sensors
+ 3D Printers
+ Synthetic Biology

Rapid improvement in the above fields is most likely going to pave the path for the future for us. We can choose to be bystanders or get involved to reap its benefits.

There will always be three types of People:
Those Who Make Things Happen,
Those Who Watch Things Happen, and
Those Who Wonder What Happened.

Not everyone were makers of Steam engines or Electricity, but the early adopters who leveraged the capabilities had the upper hand. Similarly, not everyone will be makers of the exponential technologies, but having the skills to harness their powers will improve their ability to thrive. Leveraging new tools often mistakenly equated to using more modern devices or apps. I would place them under the ‘Those Who Watch Things Happen’ type.

Application of the exponential advancements into their today’s workflows and methodologies will be similar to the early adopters of the Steam engine or Electricity almost guarantying their relevancy for days to come. Creators or those who Make Things Happen will undoubtedly lead the pack, and those who remain wrapped up in the warmth of their comfort zones will be those when hit with the Tsunami Wonder What happened.

Survivor tool-kit for the New Age 
Two sets of survivors made it through the aftermath of the Oceanic Tsunami. People and properties that were situated on a higher altitude and trees and vegetation those with roots deeply entrenched.

Let’s apply the oceanic Tsunami analogy to the exponential Tsunami we have been observing lately.

Higher Altitudes
Those who will elevate their skills through retooling with new skills relevant to the changing times will have a better chance of surviving and thriving in the coming economy. People with multiple skills or generalists who can augment the new capabilities to lead and create more value will most likely benefit from the changes.

Deeper Roots
Specialists with specialized skills – subject matter experts, artists, musicians, scientists with expertise in relevant fields will continue to thrive in the New Age. Skilled crafts(wo)men will continue to be in demand.

There will be a place for everyone, even for the bystanders who will eventually catch-up, but it may come at a higher cost.

The wake-up call alarm has already gone off. It’s time to get prepared and ride the wave of the new Tsunami for another age.

The choice is with us to pay heed to this warning or be swept away.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week.

A good blog reinforces what we know; a great blog teaches us something new. I am still trying doing both and hope you enjoy reading.

Until next week.



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  1. In addition to those who make, watch and wonder what happened, there are those few whose mind is limitless enough to predict what WILL happen. They prepare well before the rest of us even believe it’s possible.


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