21 Reasons Why | Work Series

It’s normal to complain about the workplace, grumble a little about the manager, the endless boring meetings, or some seemingly clueless directive from the mountain above.

Read time: about 2 min 35 sec.

It’s easy to lose sight of the positives around us and get swayed in the endless abyss of complaint and dissatisfaction.

I have worked in several places in a few countries, and I can say for sure, no place is perfect. Each has it’s good and not so good sides. I can make my workplace sound utterly miserable by focusing on the dry side of the pasture, or I can focus on the lush side. I prefer the latter. I am not defending or referring to the toxic work environment, where things really need to change and change very fast. And, I have also not buried my head in the cliched sand and missing the reality. This is a pure half glass full or empty view. Only a pessimist will see a glass as half empty because technically speaking, a half glass is actually half full.

Here are my 21 reasons why my workplace (and others for that matter) is a good place to work.

Work Schedule 
1.  Regular shift, no long hours and not physically demanding – outside the occasional extra hours, my work hours are pretty decent. Believe me; I have worked the graveyard shifts. And my work is not physically demanding.
2.  Flexibility and work-life balance – I don’t work from home usually, but I can when I need to.


3.  No micro-management – not from my boss nor me.
4.  Ideas are invited and explored – ideas are worked on and not sent to the landfill.
5.  Easy access to leaders – I can walk to the corner office with no restriction. I prefer taking an appointment, though.


6.  Respectful environment – everyone is respected. We don’t swear or yell at each other. Arguments are firm but within respectful boundaries.
7.  Inclusive environment – everyone is welcome. Gender, colour, religion, nationality, etc., no bar.
8.  Collaborative team – we work together well.

Pay & Benefits
9.  Competitive pay and bonus – I can’t complain about my pay or bonus.
10.  Vacation and sick days – I get a decent amount of days to unwind and don’t have to carry my work phone while away.
11.  Work benefits and perks – Plenty of benefits and discounts to tweet about.


12.  Challenges to stimulate growth – everyone needs challenges now and then, and my workplace offers them in plenty.
13.  Opportunity to learn and grow – Nothing stops me or others from learning and growing.
14.  No barriers for placing your best self forward – no ceiling for doing a remarkable job.
15.  Recognition programs – great recognition programs for deserving employees.

Side Perks

16.  Spacious workstations (Standing desk if prescribed) – It’s not chicken coop, very far from that, and I can get a standing desk if I need to.
17.  Multiple monitors – I have multiple monitors to make my work easier. It may seem trivial, but I have worked in places where this is a luxury.
18.  Phone with headsets – I know it’s not a big deal. I have a desk and a mobile phone and don’t have to squeeze the phone receiver in between my ear and shoulder.
19.  High-end office and cafeteria – a large cafeteria. There is no gourmet meal, but I am not in Silicon Valley either.
20.  Free coffee/tea – Although I don’t take coffee or tea at work, the selection is vast and high quality.


Most Important Reason
21.  An excellent job in a constrained climate – I bet there are hundreds if not thousands, who would love to swap theirs with mine.

Improvements can be applied to almost everything, including ourselves. The questions to ask ourselves:

  • How do we collectively make it better?
  • How can we be part of the solution?
  • Where should we focus now?

We should channel our focus on GROWTH and let it take center stage.

As I noted, no workplace is perfect, but when I count my blessings, I am humbled and feel grateful for what I have been blessed with.

Do you have any more reasons?

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week.

Until next week.



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