Happy New Year! | Life Series

Happy New Year to all my readers!

I picked these beautiful words from a social site while waiting at a clinic. It has been modified to blend with our context, but I have maintained its authenticity.

Read time: about 1 min.

When I started using a pen in my primary school, and I made mistakes, I would try hard to erase it before submitting it to my teacher. Sometimes, I used chalk to cover my mistakes, but it would smudge my work and make my mistakes more obvious.

Later I began to use saliva (yuck!), it didn’t work well, and it was disgusting. The teachers would be outrageous with the mess I would have on my books. But all I was trying to do was cover my mistakes.

One day, a kind teacher who noticed what I was going through, called me aside, and said, “Anytime you make a mistake, just strikeout and move on.” She further said, “Trying to erase your mistakes would only make it worse.

I wasn’t thrilled at this proposal as I didn’t want people to see my mistakes. My loving teacher laughed and said, “Trying to erase your mistakes will only make more people know about your mess.”

Haven’t we all made some mistakes in our lives and tried to cover up?

Cross them and move on. Strikeout your 2019 mistakes and move on to 2020 on a fresh note.

It’s another chance to live tomorrow over again. A chance to reset, to decide what’s important and what’s worth working for.

It’s not a New Year’s resolution, because resolve is often in short supply. Instead, making the choice to learn to see. A chance to decide to decide. It’s basic but is better than to not see, to simply accept, to not choose and follow blindly instead.

Better things are ahead of you.

Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me each week.

Until next week.




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